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Impact Lab Advertising Rate Sheet

Impact Lab Media Kit

Impact Lab Media Kit

You have chosen wisely oh Internet traveler. This is a fantastic site to advertise on and you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.


Impact Lab Media Kit 2011

The pricing listed above is a monthly rate for a single full-color ad placed into a 10 ad rotation - guaranteed minimum of 30,000 pageviews per month. Ads can be animated but must be approved before they will be posted. No pornography, hate-related, sexist, flashing, or otherwise indecent ads will be accepted.

The Impact Lab was launched in 2001 making it one of the oldest blogs on the Internet. It currently receives over 4.4 million pageviews annually from 2.8 million unique visitors.

The average Impact Lab visitor is an English speaking American, college educated (or with some college), technically inclined, predominantly male, in the age range of 25-45. Click through rates vary tremendously depending on the type of advertisement, type of offer

We are currently running three different size ads on the site. Total pixels, listed above, represent the height times the width for total size comparison.

  1. 280 X 336 pixels (Square ads – top right and half-way down main column)
  2. 600 X 160 pixels (Skyscraper ad – to the right of articles)
  3. 100 X 700 pixels (Top banner ad)

We will also consider other requests such as permanent word links, stationary ads, or other unique combinations.

For more information about placing ads on the Impact Lab, please contact Andrew at 303-666-4133 or andrew (at)



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