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Self-Powered wearable tech

May 17th, 2019 at 11:09 am » Comments Off

  For emerging wearable tech to advance, it needs improved power sources. Now researchers from Michigan State University have provided a potential solution via crumpled carbon nanotube forests, or CNT forests. Changyong Cao, director of MSU’s Soft Machines and Electronics Laboratory, led a team of scientists in creating highly stretchable supercapacitors for powering wearable electronics. […]

Researchers make organic solar cells immune to the ravages of water, air and light

May 16th, 2019 at 11:08 am » Comments Off

The market for organic solar cells is expected to grow more than 20% between 2017 and 2020, driven by advantages over traditional silicon solar cells: they can be mass produced at scale using roll-to-roll processing; the materials comprising them can be easily found in the earth and could be applied to solar cells through green […]

These “biosolar panels” suck CO2 from the air to grow edible algae

May 12th, 2019 at 2:10 am » Comments Off

In London, scientists are testing the “BioSolar Leaf,” which uses carbon-hungry organisms to help clean the air better than trees can–all while providing an excellent source of protein. At Imperial College London’s new campus in West London, some rooftops will soon hold bright green “biosolar” panels covered with algae. The plants suck carbon dioxide out […]

Battery storage is the fastest-growing industry sector on the planet (which could save the planet)

May 3rd, 2019 at 12:27 pm » Comments Off

  Billions of dollars are being invested worldwide in the developing battery boom, involving research into storage techniques to use the growing surpluses of cheap renewable energy now becoming available. Recent developments in batteries are set to sweep aside the old arguments about renewables being intermittent, dismissing any need to continue building nuclear power plants […]

Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy

April 26th, 2019 at 11:27 am » Comments Off

 Germany to close all 84 of its coal-fired power plants, will rely primarily on renewable energy Germany, one of the world’s biggest consumers of coal, will shut down all 84 of its coal-fired power plants over the next 19 years to meet its international commitments in the fight against climate change, a government commission said […]

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