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November 1st, 2017 at 1:15 pm

Report: These are the fastest-declining jobs in the U.S.


As technology overtakes every industry, the business forecast for jobs like typists, watch repairers, and postal workers over the next decade is bleak, according to a Bloomberg report citing Labor Department data.

Typists, watch repairers, and postal workers: Here are the jobs projected to be on their way out over the next decade, according to Bloomberg.


Many of the jobs on the list, like telephone operators, mine shuttle car operators, foundry mold and coremakers, and locomotive firers, harken back to 19th Century technology while others, like computer operators, word processors, data entry keyers, and typists, are becoming victim to automation and more user-friendly technology that allow anyone, not just those with specialized skill sets, to operate them.

“[T]he pace of technological innovation is still increasing, with more sophisticated software technologies disrupting labour markets by making workers redundant,”Oxford University researchers concluded in a 2013 study that predicted that 47% of American jobs are at risk as a result of automation.

Here are the jobs projected to be on their way out over the next decade, according to Bloomberg:

1. Locomotive firer

Projected decline by 2026: 78.6%


2. Respiratory therapy technicians

Projected decline by 2026: 56.3%

3. Parking enforcement workers

Projected decline by 2026: 35.3%

4. Word Processors and typists

Projected decline by 2026: 33.4%

5. Watch repairers

Projected decline by 2026: 28.7%

6. Electronic equipment installers and repairers, motor vehicles

Projected decline by 2026: 25.2%

7. Foundry mold and coremakers

Projected decline by 2026: 24%

8. Pourers and casters, metal

Projected decline by 2026: 23.4%

9. Computer operators

Projected decline by 2026: 22.9%

10. Telephone operators

Projected decline by 2026: 22.6%

11. Mine shuttle car operators

Projected decline by 2026: 21.9%

12. Electromechanical equipment assemblers

Projected decline by 2026: 21.3%

13. Data entry keyers

Projected decline by 2026: 21.1%

14. Postmasters and mail superintendents

Projected decline by 2026: 20.9%

15. Electrical and electronic equipment assemblers

Projected decline by 2026: 20.7%

However, as Futurist Thomas Frey says, “As long as we have problems, we’ll always have jobs.”

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