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May 17th, 2016 at 6:00 pm

We are getting closer to traveling safely at 760 miles per hour using magnets

hyperloop one system

Using a “passive” levitating system, Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, has found a safe way to travel at 760 mph. The ultra-fast rail system is similar to the Maglev train in Asia, but should be cheaper to install and operate. The pod will also be able to charge automatically harnessing energy caused by breaking.


“Utilizing a passive levitation system will eliminate the need for power stations along the Hyperloop track, which makes this system the most suitable for the application and will keep construction costs low,” said Bibop Gresta, HTT’s chief operating officer. He also noted that, even in a power failure, the pods will stay safely levitated until they slow down thanks to the magnetic system.

HTT is currently working on a five-mile test track in California where it hopes to prove the technology really works. This track could eventually expand to link Los Angeles and San Francisco and quickly shuffle travelers between the two cities in 30 minutes.

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