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July 13th, 2015 at 8:34 pm

Floating city project moves into phase II


Wanting to establish the first floating city with significant political autonomy by 2020, the Seasteading Institute is continually working towards their goal.  


Currently they are focusing on – enhancing novel seastead designs, which includes wave tank testing and acquiring more detailed financial calculations; deepening our diplomatic negotiations with several potential host nations; collecting potential resident feedback; and prospecting investors.

We closed 2014 by taking a delegation of architects and engineers to an undisclosed location where we hope to locate the first floating city in the sea nearby. We believe there could be a market on our floating city for residences, tourism, aquaculture, a business park, a research institute, and a powerplant to sell energy and clean water back to the host nation. — Floating City Project

Image and article via Archinect



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