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April 10th, 2015 at 10:36 pm

Custom pancake printer has already made over $460,000 on Kickstarter


PancakeBot, ”the world’s first pancake printer,” allows you to print out pancakes into just about any design you can imagine.  


The printer comes with user-friendly software that allows users to design their own pancake by tracing any image right on their computer. The machine was created by civil engineer Miguel Valenzuela in 2013 originally with Legos.

The Kickstarter campaign has raised over $460,000, which is $410,000 more than the original $50,000 goal. You can get your own PancakeBot early by contributing $179 to the Kickstarter campaign. The printer is set to go for $299 upon its official release.

Image credit:  PancakeBot
Via Business Insider


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