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April 7th, 2015 at 12:49 pm

The average cost of room service in 15 U.S. cities


Perhaps you should think twice about ordering a club sandwich through room service in New York City.  


The graph above by Dadaviz’s Jody Sieradzki charts the average price of a sandwich, water, peanuts, soda and vodka through hotel room service and mini bars, using data from TripAdvisor.

All of the charges are pretty exorbitant, but especially in New York City, Las Vegas and Honolulu. A club sandwich costs an average of $24 in New York City, while a vodka is nearly $17. A bottle of water is the most expensive in Los Angeles ($6.80), and a package of peanuts can set you back nearly $13 in Boston.

Image and article via The Washington Post


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