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January 23rd, 2014 at 11:45 am

Amazon patents anticipatory system to ship your product before you order it


Amazon’s system is aptly called “anticipatory shipping.”

In December Amazonpatented a system that will reduce logistics costs and dissuade customers from ever entering a physical store again by shipping your stuff before you order it, according to the Wall Street Journal.




Amazon softwarewill predict when a customer will order an item, then push it through Amazon’s shipping process. Packed orders would wait at shipping hubs until a customer’s order arrives.

At this point, it can be dispatched to the customer’s address far more quickly. It’s a system aptly called “anticipatory shipping.”

Keep in mind this is just a patent and Amazon hasn’t announced any plans to implement such a service. But it does give us a hint at Amazon’s thinking when it comes to getting stuff to you faster.

The 27-page patent is loaded with technical details that you can check out here.

Photo credit: RT

Via Business Insider


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