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October 4th, 2013 at 7:55 am

‘Full-body umbrella’ will keep you completely dry when it rains

“Full-body umbrella”

When it rains you sometimes will end up drenched even if you have an umbrella in hand – especially when the rain is accompanied by gusty winds and the rain droplets travel sideways.


To have you ‘covered’, there’s an almost rain-proof umbrella that was spotted in Japan.

Spotted by Singapore-based Filipino Kiks Balayon, the awesome ‘full-body’ umbrella looks like five umbrellas put together, with some extra material to fill up gaps, and is held by a handle in the center—so the umbrellas surround its user to keep him/her dry.

Should the inventor of this cool gadget mass produce this for the world?

We do wonder how it opens up and closes though.

Via Taxi



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