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March 8th, 2013 at 11:41 am

21 ways Google is monetizing mobile

WordStream has counted no fewer than 21 ways that Google is monetizing mobile.

In 2012, Google had its first $50 billion year. But with its massive investments in mobile, someday it might make that much just on the little plastic and metal devices we carry in our pockets. (Infographic)




In fact, digital ad company WordStream has counted no fewer than 21 ways that Google is monetizing mobile, from good-old-fashioned Google AdWords to Groupon-light Offers to augmented reality assistant Google Goggles and, someday, Google Glass.

Google even wants to replace your dead-cow wallet with a shiny digital one. But if you won’t buy what you want with Google Wallet, it hopes to at least guide you to your next purchase with Google Shopper.

Here’s the full list, in visual form, along with WordStream’s perception of how well Google is using its mobile tools to generate mobile money:

Photo credit: Goshycab

Via Venture Beat


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