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February 16th, 2013 at 9:30 am

DoorBot – Wi-Fi doorbell camera for smartphones

DoorBot for smartphones.

Smartphones are being integrated into each and every part of our daily lives, and with devices like the DoorBot hitting the market things are only becoming more integrated as time progresses. (Video)




YouTube Preview Image

This wireless video doorbell links to your smartphone, allowing visitors to ring your door bell at the front door causing your phone to ring. When your phone rings it will show up just as a normal call would, with the video camera showing you exactly who is at your front door. The battery operated device lasts up to one year on 4AA batteries, and connects to your iPhone via your WiFi internet connection. Worried about your DoorBot getting stolen? Don’t be. The team at DoorBot guarantees that they will replace your DoorBot if it is stolen.  The best part is that thing will be integrated with Lockitron, allowing you to remotely allow visitors to get into the front door right from your smartphone or tablet. This is one of those projects you have to see in action to fully appreciate.

Via Hi Consumption


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