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March 31st, 2012 at 9:21 pm

Helicopter parents can put their silhouette on a rattle and never be apart from their kids

mommy rattle 23423

Visions of mother at every shake.


If you can’t bear the thought of not being part of your child’s life for even a second, you can now get your face carved into a stylish baby rattle so they can never escape your presence…

For just $180 you can guarantee your kid will grow up resenting your over-intrusive helicopter parenting by submitting a photo of your profiles to Cameo by RUX who will then carve your faces into a kid-safe maple baby rattle.

Does it sound a little creepy? That’s because it kind of is. Part of being there for your kids is raising them to be self-sufficient so one day they can leave the nest with confidence. But doing everything you can to make it feel like you’ve never left their side for even a second isn’t doing them any favors in the long run.

[Cameo by RUX via bookofjoe]


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