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March 26th, 2012 at 3:16 pm

Tricked-out Cadillac baby stroller has fire coming out of the tailpipes

In June 2010, this custom Cadillac baby stroller won first place in the Open Car class at the Monthly Muscle Car Show in Plano, Texas. Macomber Fiberglass Bodies in Santa Paula, California sells unfinished fiberglass shells on Ebay to make this or other custom pedal cars or strollers at home…


kid car winner fire 4213125

It has air-ride, lights under the car, and even fire out of the tailpipes!

kid fiberglass body car

1960 Cadillac pedal car hot rod stroller 1/4 scale fiberglass body rat rod

via Neatorama and Everlasting Blort

images via Macomber Fiberglass Bodies


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