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December 25th, 2010 at 1:56 pm

Travelers: Should You Flush That Toilet Paper?


Dealing with Toilet Paper can be a conundrum.

Matthew Kitson spent a few months traveling around in South America and stumbled into the most perplexing bathroom quandary ever to face the traveling public: what to do with the toilet paper after you’ve done with it (or what to do if there’s no toilet paper to begin with!)

So he decided to make an aptly named website so you don’t ever have to ask “where do I put the paper”:


In common with most Latin American countries, the sewage system can’t cope with paper being flushed to use the bin provided. If you’re in the jungle or up the Amazon, take your paper with you and dispose of it somewhere hygienic, or burn it on the way. Brazilian public toilets are mostly very good, although if you’re in Rio, avoid the portaloos in Lapa at all costs.

Squat-style toilets are common and in these you’ll find a hose or other water carrier to wash with. Throwing paper in one of these toilet will probably bung the whole place up, so throw it away. European-style toilets suggest a sewage system that can accept paper. [...]

You’ll be cleaning up with your hand (make sure it’s your left hand) and water from a colourful teapot provided if you’re living like the locals. If you’re using paper, use a bin of provided, if not, dispose of it sensibly. You can’t flush the paper.


– via Linkfilter


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