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March 8th, 2010 at 8:57 am

The Shat To Star In Twitter-Based Pilot

shat twit spot 1234

This new role should provide Emmy winner with endless stream of one-liners.

Hold on to your hat — an excrement-based television pilot is in the future for the man called the Shat. The straight poop, the Hollywood Reporter website says, is that William Shatner will star in a CBS comedy project based on a popular profanity-laced but very funny Twitter account, Shit My Dad Says.


That tweet trough, which boasts nearly 1.2 million followers, is the online outlet for the irreverent musings of a hilarious old man who sees life through kaka-coloured glasses. The Twitter feed was created and is maintained by Justin Halpern, now an Internet celebrity who describes himself thus: “I’m 29. I live with my 74-year-old dad. He is awesome. I just write down shit that he says.”

The role – Shatner as the eponymous pappy – is a natural fit for the 78-year-old pop-culture icon. He most recently starred on ABC’s legal dramedy Boston Legal, winning an Emmy for his whimsical portrayal of the zinger-firing, legend-in-his-own mind litigator Denny Crane.

The Montreal-born bon vivant is no stranger to Twitter ruminations; his own account regularly updates fans on such things as his horse hobby and, recently, his support for the U.S. hockey squad over our own boys.

The turncoat’s tweets are rarely funny, though, or even interesting. The Shat’s latest cybercough: “So many priorities, so little time. Sometimes I wish I could take a break and just ride my horses. What’s your escape? My best, Bill.” Well, Bill, some people’s idea of escape involves reading a funky tweet. Whereas the pitchman’s quotes are polite and fan-friendly, the rough-cut philosophy of Halpern’s dad is priceless. One recent quip: “The baby will talk when he talks, relax. It ain’t like he knows the cure for cancer and he just ain’t spitting it out.” With thoughts like that, the as-yet-untitled new show will write itself – Twitter boldly goes where no microblogging has gone before.



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