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October 24th, 2007 at 5:06 am

USPTO Commissioner John Doll Coming to Colorado Inventor Showcase

USPTO Commissioner John Doll will be the featured speaker at the upcoming Colorado Inventor Showcase 2007 in Denver on November 15th.

John J. Doll
USPTO Commissioner John Doll will head up a star studded cast that includes 48 celebrity judges at the 3rd annual Colorado Inventor Showcase 2007 at the Cable Center in Denver on Thursday, November 15th.

The event is open to the general public and will feature dozens of inventors with their inventions, food and refreshments for all attendees including free wine and beer.  The cost to attend is only $49, and just $39 for DaVinci Institute members.

Click here for more event details.


J. Doll is the Commissioner for Patents, responsible for all aspects of
the patent granting process for the United States, more than 5,000
employees, and an annual budget of more than $970 million.

Mr. Doll served as Deputy Commissioner for Patent Resources and
Planning, and on a detail assignment as Special Assistant to Jon Dudas,
Director of the USPTO. Before his detail, Mr. Doll was the Director of
Groups 1610 and 1630 that examine organic chemistry, pharmaceuticals,
and biotechnology.

Mr. Doll joined the
Patent and Trademark Office in 1974 as a Patent Examiner and was
promoted to Primary Examiner in 1979, reviewing patent applications
encompassing pharmaceuticals, herbicides, pesticides, and dyestuffs. As
a Supervisory Patent Examiner in Groups 1100 and 1800, he was
responsible for applications drawn from a variety of arts, including
inorganic chemistry, hydrometallurgy, zeolite catalysts,United States Patent and Trademark Office seal
buckministerfullerenes, proteins, and peptides. In 1992, he was
promoted to Deputy Director of Group 1100 and 2900, which examined
chemical, chemical engineering, and design patent applications. In
1995, he became the Director of Group 1800, which examined
biotechnology patent applications. He was then one of the Directors of
the Chemical Matrix that transitioned into Technology Center 1600.

a Director, Mr. Doll led the development and implementation of the 35
United States Code (USC) 112, paragraph 1, Enablement Examiner Training
Materials. He was a key member of the team that developed and
implemented the 35 USC 101, Utility Guidelines, and the 35 USC 112,
paragraph 1, Written Description Guidelines, as well as the associated
Examiner Training Materials. He was also part of the team that led the
Patent Corps Business Process Image File Wrapper implementation of
image-based electronic patent applications.

Doll has received the Department of Commerce Bronze Medal for
examination and supervisory accomplishments; a Bronze Medal for his
work on the implementation of Patent Application Location and
Monitoring (PALM); a Silver Medal for his work on the development of
automated examiner office action tools; the Vice Presidential Hammer
Award for his work in establishing the Biotechnology Customer
Partnership; and a Gold Medal for his work on the Image File Wrapper

Mr. Doll received a bachelor of
science from Bowling Green State University in chemistry and physics,
and a master of science from The Pennsylvania State University in
physical chemistry.

Click here for more event details.


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