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October 23rd, 2007 at 8:38 am

Man Steamed Alive for a Stunt

Fifty-two-year-old Xia Fuan sat inside a covered wok of boiling water, let himself be steamed for 45 minutes, and lived to tell about it.


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And if that’s not strange enough, the story goes on about him being possessed by the Monkey God and such:

30 minutes later, the medium who was said to have been possessed by the Monkey God began acting like a monkey, walking, scratching himself and crying out loudly like one. Holding a metal rod in his hand, he walked out of the place of worship and surveyed his surroundings for about 15 minutes before reentering and beginning the performance.

After the medium sat down on the cushion of joss paper bundles, staff members covered the wok with a lid and then began burning wood under the wok to bring the water inside to a boil and cook the chickens.

When staff members removed the lid of the wok 45 minutes later, the medium strode out of the wok amidst clouds of steam without any sign of injury on his body. He even expressed his dissatisfaction in Hokkien, saying that his master had opened the lid too early.

The reporter on the scene observed that the water inside the wok had been brought to a boil. The five chickens that were drawn out from the water by the workers had also been thoroughly cooked.

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