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February 21st, 2007 at 8:41 am

Introducing the Smart Nozzle

Agriculture is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and the following video of "Smart Nozzle" will give you a whole new perspective on modern farming.


Using GPS technology for tracking purposes, the Smart Nozzle utilizes computer driven valves to control the flow of herbicides and pesticides when applied with a large agricultural spray vehicle. Once an operator “maps” a field – creating an outline of the area to be sprayed and also eliminating wash, hazard and wetland areas – the computer will then control the flow of each spray nozzle. The system will interrupt the chemical flow to those nozzles that are in recognized areas that are not intended to have chemical applied and it will also terminate the flow of nozzles that are in an overlap area or an area that has previously been sprayed. This system can also be used for the application of fertilizer with the same benefit of less product being needed. In addition, the Smart Nozzle can be employed in planting equipment and currently experimentation for variable rate nozzles is being developed.

Product Page Video – Harrison Ag Technologies


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