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August 26th, 2006 at 7:38 am

Super Sneaky Light Bulb Camera

Fitting a hidden camera in a light bulb is a very sneaky idea.  It’s very easy to install because it attaches to the main electrical system and there’s no need for batteries. And, since it’s already in the wall, you can connect to the camera signals remotely via the electrical wires.

Since it’s a light bulb, it’ll always be light enough to get good spy shots on whoever you’re peeping. The only downside is nobody ever really looks directly at a light bulb, so you’re never going to get anyone straight on. Otherwise it’s not too bad.

Available now for $139.99.


Light Bulb Hidden Camera with Night visionJust screw into your light socket and the video travels through your wiring. The hidden light bulb, outdoor weatherproof camera , is a camera in a lightbulb that screws into your outdoor/indoor light fixtures and sends video to your television or VCR via a decoder. This Flood Light, outdoor weatherproof camera is disguised as a light bulb and comes with the decoder. There are no wires to run, no holes to drill, and no antennas required.

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