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August 17th, 2006 at 12:23 am

Physicist Finds Exotic Superconductivity

A U.S. physicist has discovered powerful magnetic fields alter the physical nature of superconductivity.


University of Arizona Associate Professor of Physics Andrei Lebed has determined strong magnetism changes the basic, intrinsic properties of electrons flowing through superconductors — thereby establishing an exotic superconductivity.

Understanding the physical nature of the electron pairs that define superconductors is one of the most important problems in condensed matter physics, Lebed said.

He said the work is one of the most important contributions to physics during his 20-year career.

We show that superconducting electron pairs are not unchanged elementary particles, but, rather, complex objects with characteristics that depend on the strength of a magnetic field, said Lebed.

He published the research earlier this year in the journal Physical Review Letters.


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