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August 12th, 2006 at 8:29 pm

More Mini-Families Emerging in China

According to Tang Can, a researcher of Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, the family size in Chinese cities and towns has become miniaturized in the last 30 years. Meanwhile, family structure tends to be diversified.

It’s estimated that currently a Chinese family has 3.39 members on average, descending 1.42 from the 1970s. In the US and Canada, a family usually has 3 members.

Family miniaturization in China couldn’t be considered as the trend of nuclear families replacing large ones. To be sure, nuclear family has been a major pattern of family structure in China, but more and more Chinese families now only contain one or two people in recent years, while the number of families with more than 4 members is decreasing. Urbanization in China has helped to create various family structures, like DINK families, bachelordom families, etc.



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